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Working Man - World Premiere in Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The film "Working Man," directed by Robert Jury, is having its world premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival (SBIFF) on February 2nd. The film stars Peter Gerety, Billy Brown, and Oscar Nominated Talia Shire.


When a factory closure threatens a small Rust Belt town, one older factory worker continues going to his former job every day, despite the shutdown. His peculiar decision has a profound effect on the whole community, though his actions yield an outcome that no one ever expected.


Congratulations to Robert Jury, the amazing visionary director, producers Clark Peterson, Lovell Holder, and Maya Emelle, who all had excellent input into the score and helping me mold it into the vision we all had for it. Thank you to the editors, Morgan Halsey and Richard Halsey who crafted the story, and cinematographer, Piero Basso Aic-Imago, who had such a clear vision for every shot, it made my job easy.

I can't wait to share this movie with everyone, it's truly heartfelt and tells an amazing story of loss, growth, and compassion in several layers that are surprising and genuine. I hope you get to see and experience the film at a theater near you soon!

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