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The Duat

I am very excited to share the next collaboration that I did with Roger Q. Mason, Jabari Phillips, and Taibi Magar! The Duat stars Greg Daniels and was written by Roger, Directed by Taibi, edited by Jabari! Live drum performances by David Leach, and is my exciting debut in sound design for theatre, as was as getting to write an original score for the piece. Roger loves to push me to reach beyond my own limitations and this was such a fun and collaborative piece to work with them and the team.

About The Duat

At the center of the third episode in our Not a Moment, But a Movement series is Roger Q. Mason’s The Duat, directed by Taibi Magar, performed by Gregg Daniel (HBO’s Insecure) and featuring percussionist David Leach. Introduced by Wayne Brady and hosted by Watts Village Theater Company Co-Artistic Director Bruce A. Lemon Jr., the episode will also feature the work of multi-disciplined artist Floyd Strickland, who will also be in conversation with Lemon.

Fusing dialogue, music and movement, The Duat follows Cornelius Johnson, a former FBI COINTELPRO (Counterintelligence Program) informant as he awakens in the Egyptian afterlife. While he awaits judgement, Cornelius struggles to come to terms with his family history and his own troubling role in the civil rights movement at UCLA in the late 60s. The digital premiere of The Duat features lighting design by Brandon Baruch; live music composed and performed by David Leach; sound design and original music composed by David Gonzalez and choreography by Michael Tomlin III. The Duat was filmed at the Kirk Douglas Theatre and edited by Jabari Phillips.

Click the link below to watch the trailer to get a taste of the show and be sure to tune in on July 15th, at 4pm PST/7PM EST. It will be available as will through August on demand.

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